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Client Comments

When our clients were asked on a recent survey what they consider to be Farmers National Company's most beneficial service, they responded as follows: 


        The personal management by our agent and the input of your home office staff. (10-year client who lives in Indiana) 


        I can trust my manager to handle my business properly. (21-year client who lives in Iowa) 


        Worry-free service. You worry, I collect! (26-year client living in Colorado) 


        Enabling us to keep the family farm productive and actually, more productive than in the past. (31-year client living in Texas) 


        One-stop shopping to manage, buy, or sell farm properties. (10-year client living in New York) 


        The farm manager's knowledge and active involvement in managing our farms when we do not live in the local area. (9-year client living in Kansas) 


        They manage farms as if they own them. (20-year client living in Missouri) 


        Able to call any time and get people who really care. (65-year client who lives in Arizona) 


Additional Comments from Recent Survey: 


        Farmers National Company has given us peace of mind, as a non-resident owner, to enjoy our legacy farm that I inherited from my mother. (3-year client from Iowa) 


        My father started many years ago with Farmers National for farm management. Farm managers serving our property have been very knowledgeable and informative to help someone not knowing all that much on farming to begin with. (21 year-client living in Nebraska) 


        Thank you for the perspective and advice. With a FNC Farm Manager taking care of things, one doesn't need to know about farming. Just where to sign the annual rent check. Farm land is a good balance in a portfolio. (52-year client living in Kansas) 


        My husband died in 1981 and I was so glad he had Farmers National managing our farms. (24-year client who lives in Nebraska) 


        Farmers National has been a real help to me because it frees me from worry. Monthly reports mean a great deal to me. I'm always interested in the comments and photos of the farm and crops. (36-year client living in Nebraska) 


        I think Farmers National is a good, honest, well-managed company. I respect every one of your employees that I have met. (21-year client from Iowa) 


        We would not continue to own farmland as an investment if we did not have the help of Farmers National. The diligence and professionalism of our two managers is invaluable. (47-year client living in Colorado) 


        I am very pleased with your company. In this time of frequent inefficient service and lack of caring by many, your company is a breath of fresh air. (2-year client in Arizona) 


        I have always been impressed by the high caliber of the persons in your company. The officers, office staff, and our farm manager provide us with superb service. (53-year client living in California) 


        Having Farmers National manage my farm is the best decision I've made since inheriting the farm. Just sorry I didn't do it years ago. Our manager is excellent. (3-year client from Michigan) 


        I hope you will continue to manage our farm for as long as possible. Wish other businesses I deal with were as sincere as you. (9-year client from Wyoming) 


        We are very comfortable as a client of FNC. We trust their judgments and advice and feel that our land is in good hands. (4-year client living in Illinois) 


        I always learn a lot at these presentations (Landowner Workshops) and appreciate your company keeping me abreast of current issues and trends affecting farming. (3-year client from Illinois) 


More Information on Client Referrals 

For more information on Farmers National Company, or to visit with a client located close to your farm, just give Randy Dickhut, Vice President - Client Relations, a call at 1-800-346-2650, or complete the additional information request.

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