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Consultation Services

Solutions for Your Questions 

In today's ever changing world of agriculture, having sound information is more important than ever for landowners. Keeping up with grain prices, leasing terms, cash rental rates, and technological influences is challenging for the non-operating farmland owner. Often, more questions arise than good solutions: 


        Is the profit I get from my farm what it should be? 


        What can I do to make my farm more profitable? 


        Are my leasing terms up to date and fair? 


        Am I getting enough for my cash rent? 


        How much does my operator make off my farm? 


        Should I have grain storage on my farm? 


        Does it make sense for me to invest in an irrigation system? 


        Are there other enterprises I should be doing on my farm? 


        Are there other crops that should be grown on my farm? 


        Who will oversee the tiling project on my farm? 


        Who can I turn to for unbiased information about my farm? 


Farmers National Company has the expertise and people to assist you in obtaining solutions to the questions you might have concerning your farm. Our professional staff can complete an analysis on your behalf to ensure that you are not only getting the most out of your land financially, but are also taking the right steps to preserve the land for future generations.  


Lease Analysis Program  

Most non-operating landowners lack the information on whether their farm is as profitable for them as it should be. A consultation and financial analysis from Farmers National can help landowners determine the optimum profit and cropping plans for their farm. Our Lease Analysis program provides an indication of expected returns under various leasing alternatives as well cash rental ranges we feel they should be able to achieve on their farm.  


Farmers National Company's knowledgeable field staff uses their experience to help determine a landowner's goals and make recommendations on how to achieve them. Our range of expertise is available to help with leasing questions, whole farm financial analysis, insurance coverage, and project management. When you need sound information and solutions for your farm, Farmers National Company is here to help. 



For a no-cost, no-obligation visit with our professional consultants to see how our services can help you achieve your ownership goals, please call Matt Gunderson at 1-800-346-2650 or email  

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