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Services We Offer

Farmers National Company is an independent agency that places coverages with national and local carriers, which fit our clients' needs best including, but not limited to: 





        Recreational Vehicles  


        Personal Umbrella Excess 


        Multi-Peril Crop Insurance 

        Crop Hail 

        Pivot/Irrigation Equipment 


We specialize in farm property and casualty as well as crop insurance. Our primary focus is to properly service the client's risk management needs. 


Farm Property and Liability  

We have a specially designed policy for our managed farm clients. 

American Reliable Insurance Company - Farm Administration Certificate 


        $1,000,000 farm liability limit, limited environmental pollution coverage 


        $1,000 property deductible per occurrence, Special risks coverage, and replacement cost coverage. 


        $1 million, $2 million, and $3 million farm excess liability limits available. 


        Property coverage available. 


Irrigation Equipment 

Written with Diversified Insurance Company or CHUBB MARM Insurance Company 


        All risk coverage including the option of mechanical/electrical breakdown coverage 


        Replacement cost coverage only (no depreciation)  


Crop Hail  

Written with two major companies offering very competitive rates. Crop hail coverage is available as a standalone policy or can be written in conjunction with multi-peril crop insurance. In addition to hail damage, coverage is also provided for such perils as transit, theft, vandalism, and fire. 


Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) 

Written with five major carriers, Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS), National Ag Underwriters (NAU), International Ag Insurance Solutions (IAIS), ArmTech, and Rain and Hail LLC (ACE). 


        Each specialize in crop insurance and are very innovative in their development of procedures that give the best possible service to our clients. 


        Various types of crop insurance coverage are available that give producers the means to develop a sound risk management strategy that fits his/her own needs.  


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