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Topics and Agenda


Workshop Topics 

Company executives will present the following timely and informative topics: 


Basics of Sustainable Agriculture   

We will discuss current trends in alternative crops, nutrient management, cover crops, and other conservation practices that can assist you in meeting your goals for sustainable agriculture. We will review the basics of leasing in a changing economic environment. 


Leasing 101 - Back to the Basics 

The ability for a landowner to determine a fair market lease can be a daunting task. If you know the basics of lease negotiation such as the current market, past and future production costs, and budgeting methods, it will allow you to negotiate from a position of knowledge. We will discuss different lease types and scenarios to assist you in making leasing decisions. 


Back to the Basics of Land Values 

Agricultural land values have retreated from historic highs of recent years. We will delve into the market fundamentals that have caused land values to trend lower in most areas. The future impact of the trend on landowners will be discussed. 


Commodity Super Cycle is Over - Back to the Basics 

Commodity markets are moving back to historically normal market functions and seasonal movements after spending 2010 to 2014 at unprecedented price levels. Grain stocks have increased in each of the last two crop years, and we are once again growing more than we consume. This creates a more challenging grain marketing environment with smaller pricing ranges than recently experienced. Proven marketing strategies will be absolutely necessary to maximize profit opportunities. 


The Basic Complexities in Planning for the Succession of Your Farm 

Today's basic issues in planning for the future ownership of your farm are similar to those of the past. However, future generations may have differing opinions as to the issues of owning farm land. We will share our experiences of why succession planning is so important if your goal is to transfer the farm to the next generation by going "back to the basics". 


Workshop Attendee Comments 


"I attended this workshop two years ago and was very impressed, equally impressed this visit. For someone who has never farmed, this workshop is so educational - just a great experience!" -J. Reiss 


"Your workshops are so well planned and organized. The information is up to date and informs me of what is happening now!" - B. Smith 


"I attended my first workshop; it was time well spent. I appreciated the good organization, knowledge, well-spoken presenters, and varied information I received." -J. Lord 


"Thank you for another great seminar! My wife and daughter came because I am interested in establishing a farm legacy that will last for a long time. Thanks for the tips and the prompting to go through the proper procedures." -B. Pankonin  


"Every year I attend the landowner workshop and every year I am more impressed with how well you explain a very complex industry. And every year the workshop reminds me how fortunate I am to a FNC client!" -V. McPherson  



Registration: 8:30 AM 

Workshop Begins: 9:00 AM 

Adjourn: 2:30 PM (times are tentative, may be subject to change) 

Continental Breakfast and Lunch Included! 


 View Workshop Cost  

 View Workshop Registration Information  


Questions or Comments 

If you have any questions concerning the workshops, please call Danielle Bristol de Wit or Erin Pickett at 1-800-346-2650 or send us your questions and/or comments to or use the online inquiry form and we will respond promptly. 

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