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As a client of Farmers National Company you will receive the following services:

Once we understand your goals and objectives for your farm, we will conduct a thorough farm analysis. We inventory all of the resources of your farm, analyze and evaluate your current lease and your lease options, evaluate your current operator, and prepare an overall farm-operating plan. The farm plan is for your consideration and it will be consistent with your goals. Once we have completed the initial farm analysis, we will begin our full farm management services. Through our full farm management services, we will:

  • Analyze your lease options and recommend a specific lease type. Negotiate and prepare a written lease each year for your security.
  • We will work with your current operator or locate, screen, and secure a new local farm operator, if one is needed.
  • Prepare an annual farm plan and budget for your approval to control expenses.
  • Analyze whether or not you should participate in any government programs and handle the necessary paperwork. We then work to keep you in compliance.
  • Prepare a complete commodity marketing plan for your farm to increase your profits. (Our full-time grain marketing specialist's goal is to sell in the top one-third of the market and avoid the bottom one-third of the market where 75% of the grain grown in the U S is currently sold. We have a proven track record.)
  • Send you concise reports of our regular farm inspections to keep you informed and provide you peace of mind that your farm is being operated consistent with your objectives.
  • Approve and pay all bills and collect and account all income. Provide an interest bearing farm account to you for the payment of bills and the collection of income. Provide monthly accounting statements and a year-end summary for use in tax preparation and your peace of mind.
  • Take advantage of all quantity discounts and early payment discounts to save you money.
  • Handle any special projects on your farm such as conservation work, tiling, irrigation, improvements, etc.
  • Home office support from financial to compliance services.

When you work with Farmers National Company, you have the benefit of local, on-farm management expertise, backed up by over 80 years of experience in support staff located at our home office. That experience includes our in-house insurance agency, CPAs on staff, and full customer service support.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, or if you would like to have our local farm manager take a confidential look at your property and prepare an operating plan for your consideration, you can call Jim Farrell at 1-800-346-2650, email JFarrell@FarmersNational.com or the "Talk to Us" area on our web site.


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