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Benefits of Mineral Management

         Consolidation of Mineral Management. The management of your mineral assets can be consolidated with FNC as the sole manager. Our clients have one contact person with FNC, who will be supported by a staff of specialists.   

         Internet Access to Client Reports. Via the Internet, you and your advisors will have access to monthly production, income and expense reports.  

         Due Diligence Records Check, Inventory and Analysis. Initially, we will review related files, archives and title documents available and prepare or verify a thorough inventory of your properties. 

         Pro-Active Leasing. You will immediately benefit from our due diligence research of leasing offers and pro-active leasing of non-producing properties. We do not wait for offers to come in the door. Often we are able to bundle interests from multiple FNC accounts, adding your account, into large blocks, which significantly increases both the attractiveness for lease brokers, as well as increasing the total offering prices.   

         Search for Suspended or Escheated Funds. Our initial set up includes a search for suspended or escheated funds lost in earlier transfers of assets. This process has been particularly productive for clients in tracking funds from previous ownership changes and failed address changes.  

         Centralization of Records in One Location. As we assume management responsibility, we will provide secure storage and a smooth transition of your records and files to our office location in Tulsa.  

         Notify Purchasers and Change Addresses. We will contact all of your purchasers and change the mailing addresses so that all related correspondence and payments come directly to us for processing and handling and any required responses, thus relieving you of onerous detail work. 

         Set Up Your Properties On Our Books. After our initial review, all available information about your properties will be entered into our specialized accounting system. Working from your basic records, we verify information from current check stubs and division orders.  

         Meetings with Clients: Individuals, Families, Officers, Board Members and Staff. Our officers will be available to participate in meetings and briefings with our clients and personnel, as needed. We will assist in facilitating decisions relating to the handling of mineral interests.  

         References. Our experience in the energy industry and as a fiduciary is exemplified by our client list. A Representative List of Clients will be provided upon request. 

         Enhanced Revenue Efforts. Aggressive program is maintained to maximize and enhance revenue. 

         Industry Resources. As our client, you will benefit from our access to on-line subscriptions to production reports, drilling permits, well site maps and recent recorded leases. 

         Dormant Minerals. As an additional function of our on-going processes, we monitor dormant mineral laws of 30 states. 

         Annual Account Reviews. You will receive Annual/Periodic Account Reviews covering your mineral properties.  

         Audits. Conduct systematic audits of production and revenue. 

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