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Topics and Agenda
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The Original Landowner Workshop Series for 40 years! 

Workshop Topics 

Company executives will present the following timely and informative topics: 


Cash is the Driver in Today's Market 

Farm operators saw excellent profits and excess cash after loan payments, etc during the recent great bull market. Today, much of that cash has been spent, not just on upgrades for the farm but for operating capital following back to back years of low to no profit. With borrowing on the increase, balance sheet strength is critical for any cash strapped operators. We will point out how this "new normal" could impact landowners. 


Strong Relationships Keep the Wheels Turning  

We will talk about ways to stay connected to the family legacy as well as managing the sizable investment your farm or ranch represents. Landowners need a relationship with the farm to ensure they instill their passion in the next generation. We will have examples of how the family farm can be an asset and not a burden. 


Lease Negotiations: Rolling Expectations into Results 

Proper lease negotiation is the most important part of ensuring your farm ownership expectations are met. We will cover the important items you need to understand and address when negotiating your lease so your goals are achieved. This presentation will also include a general review of cash rents around our service area.  


Will the Land Market Keep Rolling? 

Land values have declined from record highs of several years ago, but the land market has been mostly steady for the past 12 months. Where are land prices headed now? What direction will fundamentals and outside factors push land values during the upcoming year? 


Grain Marketing is the Hub  

Grain marketing has been as important as the hub of a wheel to profit in the bear markets the past few years.  That importance will not change this year.  The key to profitability is still having a solid marketing plan and executing that plan.   


Rolling from Generation to Generation 

To keep any ag operation rolling from generation to generation, a common sense, sustainable succession plan should be in place. This presentation will give landowners some basic nuts and bolts ideas for how to take the expertise of an estate planning professional and make it fit their specific situation. 



Workshop Attendee Comments 


"This program opens up a wealth of information that many of us are not aware of. It is well presented and enjoyable. I am from New York and am looking forward to having you there in the future." - G. McMartin 


"The workshop was very informative. I highly recommend that coming generations attend." - S. Luidstrin 


"I attended this workshop two years ago and was very impressed, equally impressed this visit. For someone who has never farmed, this workshop is so educational - just a great experience!" -J. Reiss 


"Your workshops are so well planned and organized. The information is up to date and informs me of what is happening now!" - B. Smith 


"I attended my first workshop; it was time well spent. I appreciated the good organization, knowledge, well-spoken presenters, and varied information I received." -J. Lord 


"Thank you for another great seminar! My wife and daughter came because I am interested in establishing a farm legacy that will last for a long time. Thanks for the tips and the prompting to go through the proper procedures." -B. Pankonin  


"Every year I attend the landowner workshop and every year I am more impressed with how well you explain a very complex industry. And every year the workshop reminds me how fortunate I am to a FNC client!" -V. McPherson  



Registration: 8:30 AM 

Workshop Begins: 9:00 AM 

Adjourn: 2:30 PM (times are tentative, may be subject to change) 

Continental Breakfast and Lunch Included! 


 View Workshop Cost  

 View Workshop Registration Information  


Questions or Comments 

If you have any questions concerning the workshops, please call Danielle Bristol de Wit or Erin Pickett at 1-800-346-2650 or send us your questions and/or comments to or use the online inquiry form and we will respond promptly. 

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