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Topics and Agenda
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The Original Landowner Workshop Series for over 40 years! 

Workshop Topics 

Company executives will present the following timely and informative topics: 


The Big Picture 

Our opening presentation will focus on a high level view of current issues and opportunities in agriculture, while setting the stage for the day's presentations. 


Technology - The Corner Piece of the Lease 

Today's technology at the farm level provides a landowner with the opportunity for full transparency of yield, inputs, and overall farm condition. This presentation illustrates how that transparency can help landowners analyze various lease alternatives and determine the best lease option. 


The Key to Determining a Fair Lease 

Back to back years of declining income at the farm level continues to pressure lease terms. This presentation will discuss how knowing the production potential of the land and the actual costs of growing the crop are two keys for all landowners to understand as they strive to negotiate a fair lease in today's market. 


The Next Generation Puzzle 

How do you fit all the pieces of farmland ownership planning together? Learn how other landowners have pieced together plans and how to solve issues you might run into as you look to the next generation of ownership. 


Commodity Market Holds the Puzzle Together 

When a landowner leases out a property, they are leasing out the productive capability. Regardless of lease type, productive capability is impacted by yearly crop yield and the prices at which the producer can sell that crop. Both components go into determining what is a fair rent each year. We will present both a high level world and local view of commodity markets to give landowners the tools they need to understand the productive capability of their property.  


Solving the Land Market Puzzle 

Landowners, buyers, and sellers are looking at the current land market and asking about today's prices and where values are heading in the future. We will examine the pieces of the land market puzzle to shed light on where land values are today and where they might be heading. 



Registration Starts: 8:15 AM 

Workshop Begins: 9:00 AM 

Adjourn: 2:30 PM (times are tentative, may be subject to change) 

Continental Breakfast and Lunch Included! 


 View Workshop Cost  

 View Workshop Registration Information  


Workshop Attendee Comments 


"We have never contacted our farm manager and not had our questions and concerns totally answered, to our satisfaction and always with our best interest in mind." - C. Frevert 


"Best farm workshop I have ever attended. Will sign up next year!" - H. Pansch 


"This program opens up a wealth of information that many of us are not aware of. It is well presented and enjoyable. I am from New York and am looking forward to having you there in the future." - G. McMartin 


"The workshop was very informative. I highly recommend that coming generations attend." - S. Luidstrin 


"I attended this workshop two years ago and was very impressed, equally impressed this visit. For someone who has never farmed, this workshop is so educational - just a great experience!" - J. Reiss 


Questions or Comments 

If you have any questions concerning the workshops, please call Danielle Bristol de Wit or Erin Pickett at 1-800-346-2650 or send us your questions and/or comments to or use the online inquiry form and we will respond promptly. 

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