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Topics and Agenda
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2021 Landowner Workshop Series 

Workshop Topics 

We asked the question in 2020: Is this the new normal? As we forge ahead into, hopefully, calmer waters on the trade, pandemic, market, and other fronts, what does the future look like? Large government payments, higher grain markets, and weather conditions are creating opportunities for many producers. How do those opportunities look for cash rents, land values, and a producer's profitability? Where does technology, sustainability, solar, and hunting leases fit into all of this? Our workshop presenters cover topics addressing all these items as we look to help you, the landowner, Forge Ahead with your land asset.    


Company executives will present the following timely and informative topics: 

Ag Economic Barometer 

2020 certainly was an interesting year. New year, new opportunities, new risks. Learn what is on the horizon as we forge ahead. 



Learn how agriculture technology is benefitting landowner bottom lines through real-life examples. 


Farm and Ranch Management Leasing 

What are the current leasing trends as we forge ahead? Learn how an in-depth analysis helps determine the path forward 


Forging Ahead with Options for Your Land 

Owning ag land today doesn't limit you to just crops or grazing.  As a landowner, you can look for additional sources of income including capitalizing on the value of your land through a sale. 


Building Sustainability into Landownership  

Sustainability, ESG, and solar are popular news headlines, but what do they mean for you? As a landowner, understanding the fundamentals of each is important.    


Forging a New Path 

Trying to figure out what to do next? Learn about what options are available as you forge ahead into a new chapter of landownership. 


Elements Shaping the Grain Markets  

Discover how supply and demand, trade, regulation and other outside factors influence the agricultural commodity markets. 


Forging Additional Value through Hunting Leases 

Does your non-crop acres have value? Learn how you can garner extra income and other benefits while minimizing the liability by crafting a hunting lease. 


Agenda for Live In-Person Workshops 

Registration Starts: 8:15 AM 

Workshop Begins: 9:00 AM 

Adjourn: 2:30 PM (times are tentative, may be subject to change) 

Continental Breakfast and Lunch Included (live event only)! 


 View Workshop Costs  

 View Workshop Registration Information  


Workshop Attendee Comments 


Why did I wait so long to attend a workshop! I liked the virtual workshop since I was able to re-watch and pause the presentations." --- S. Cain 


This year's virtual workshop even reached my niece who lives and works in Germany! FNC is so generous with their expertise, extending to families like mine." --- P. Wheeler 


I am just starting out, since I recently inherited my uncle's farm. I now have a stronger foundation of knowledge to build on as I move forward." --- D. Conoyer 


A wonderful company in which we have trusted to take care of our family farm. They have proved to be true to their word and their working statement. Very trustworthy." --- C. Page 


"We have never contacted our farm manager and not had our questions and concerns totally answered, to our satisfaction and always with our best interest in mind." - C. Frevert 


"Best farm workshop I have ever attended. Will sign up next year!" - H. Pansch 


"This program opens up a wealth of information that many of us are not aware of. It is well presented and enjoyable. I am from New York and am looking forward to having you there in the future." - G. McMartin 


"The workshop was very informative. I highly recommend that coming generations attend." - S. Luidstrin 


"I attended this workshop two years ago and was very impressed, equally impressed this visit. For someone who has never farmed, this workshop is so educational - just a great experience!" - J. Reiss 


Questions or Comments 

If you have any questions concerning the workshops, please call Danielle Bristol de Wit or Marketing staff at 1-800-346-2650 or send us your questions and/or comments to or use the online inquiry form and we will respond promptly. 

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